Living Futures:
Scenario Kit

An exciting combination of narrated stories from the future and concrete tools and guides for using them in the present.

Living Futures

Living Futures: Scenario Kit can help you catalyse change and reclaim the opportunity space in a time of overwhelming complexity, uncertainty, and lack of agency. Living Futures is a one part evocative listening experience and one part toolkit. It provides a thrilling yet safe space for you to understand, discuss, and shape the future together.

The kit is built around a set of four alternative futures set in the year 2050. Each scenario is explored through narrated stories by fictive people living in them. Each story offers a view into the human experience of existing in these societies. The futures are not predictions: They’re extreme, yet plausible, what-if scenarios meant to illustrate how mallable the future really is.

Who’s behind it all?
The kit is funded, developed, and maintained by the Danish Design Centre with the support of The Danish Industry Foundation and Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen. It is based on the input from over 130+ experts from around the world and is made available for anyone to use for free. Living Futures is a living resource that evolves over time. If you are interested in contributing to the future development of the project, please let us know.

Getting started

Living Futures: Scenario Kit is a versatile resource, and its tools and stories can be used to get valuable results in many different ways. We encourage you to experiment with it in order for you to find your favourite applications. It can, however, be a little tough to get started, so we’ve provided a few sample paths.

Recommended paths
Below you’ll find three examples on how to use the scenarios in different situations. Each suggested ‘path’ gives you instructions for what to do before, during, and after you visit the futures. It’s only suggestions — if you’re feeling adventurous feel free to go ahead and explore on your own!

The future can offer some great advice and help unlock valuable new ideas in the present. By starting in the future and working your way back you might find all kinds of new opportunities.

This path offers instructions for how to setup and run a workshop with a group of collaborators interested in identifying new strategic opportunities, concepts, or ideas.

Biases can make us blind to the vulnerabilities of our hypotheses — be it strategies, business models, or policies. Alternative futures can help us find the blind spots.

This path offers instructions for how to run a ‘windtunnel workshop” to test how present ideas fare in shifting future conditions.

The critical challenges we face today are complex, systemic, and require collaborative, long-term thinking by actors from across the system. Alternative futures are useful for bringing groups together.

This path offers instructions for how to run a collaborative workshop that forces everyone to leave the present behind and engage in a session of collective dreaming.